Waukee Public Safety Building

Bid Date: 2PM on 11/21/2023

Scheduled Start Date


Scheduled Completion Date


Site work, paving and new construction of a mixed-use development in Waukee, Iowa. Completed plans call for the construction of a fire / police facility. A. Project Description: The project consists of the site development and construction of a 90,084 GSF new one-story non-separated mixed-use facility for use by the Fire and Police Departments for the City of Waukee. The building will house office, conference, lockers room, fitness, equipment, vehicles, and storage of the departments. The structure is a combination of steel frame and structural precast insulated panels. Building will also contain an ICC 500 compliant storm shelter. Site work includes new site development with final grading, landscaping, paving of the parking and access drives, pedestrian walkways, and construction of necessary new utilities. New geothermal field, electrical services, power distribution system, lighting systems, fire alarm system, and telecommunications are also included