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Words on a screen don't represent who we really are. Above all, we value relationships and the opportunity to meet with you and dream in to your vision; together. With more than $150 million in completed construction projects throughout Iowa in the last 2 years, our work speaks for itself - but the relationships we maintain - are what truly drives us.

Our core competency is in commercial construction, in which we have a unique ability to provide exceptional service and innovative design solutions, while exceeding quality construction expectations.

At Graphite Construction Group, we believe in making the communities that we live in a better place than what they were yesterday. Be better every day! Building a better way of life for future generations is the focal point of our legacy here at Graphite. We incorporate this passion into our work ethic and business to assure we achieve our full potential as well as the expectations of our clients. 

As Central Iowa’s fastest growing contractor, we understand that our clients and industry relationships are essential. Together, not only do we build a physical presence that stimulates our communities but also provides a priceless experience for life’s journey.

Over the past two years, Graphite has successfully been awarded and acquired roughly 64% of all construction projects where our team provided a proposal. This is a testament to our experience in the industry, client relations, and subcontractor relationships built in our market over time. Our portfolio of work includes retail, industrial, office, multifamily, mixed-use, athletic facilities, and educational facilities.

We build it better!

What you can Expect

Safety – In the field or in the office, we constantly strive to create a safe work environment through communication, investigation, and effective planning.

Passion – Building for a better tomorrow, creating stronger communities and better ways of life for future generations.

Transparency – The Graphite team does not “blow smoke”. Our goal is effective, constructive, open, and honest communication with our partners in the industry.

Partnership – We believe that your success is our success, supporting your business before, during, and after construction to help assure we are reaching your goals together. Think of us as investors in you and your business!

Pre-construction – Our many years of experience allow us to streamline the design process focusing on cost effective construction methods and feasibility for the end user.

Project Management – Our project managers focus on managing your project, rather than other tasks such as estimating or managing “in-house” crews.

Site Management – Our superintendents focus on safety, quality, and construction details while maintaining the project schedule.

Follow Through – After construction is complete, we stay in contact with you to help ensure satisfaction of the final product. We stand behind our work and our partners.

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Get to Know

  • Russell Carew

    Russell Carew



    years at Graphite

    "Be Better Everyday"

    As long as Russ can remember, he was always building. Something. Construction and engineering run through Russ’s bloodlines, from his father to his grandfather. Russ has always needed to know and understand how things worked, because he wanted to make them work better. And it is that same approach to making things work better, that shapes the approach of Graphite Construction Group.

    Russ is passionate about the challenges and opportunities of the construction industry. The coordination of assembling bids, working with subcontractors, and leading a team of dedicated professionals who all share the same goal of wanting to build things better. The biggest takeaway you'll find in working with Graphite Construction Group? We never settle. We never stop trying to be better in everything we do.

  • Seamus Spain

    Seamus Spain

    Senior Superintendent


    years at Graphite

    “Taking Pride in Everything We Do”

    Twenty-one years with one company may seem impressive; but when you view your coworkers and the crews you work with as family; it makes the choice to stay an easy one. Graphite Construction Group is an excellent place to call home, in part thanks to an inclusive environment of employees and subcontractors. Seamus demands the best from his team of employees and subcontractors on every project. Why? Because he wants the quality of work to be the best, to exceed a client’s expectations, and - perhaps most importantly - to feel an immense sense of pride and ownership in a completed project long after it has been completed. It is that feeling that still motivates Seamus to this very day, 21 years later. 

  • Joe Haug

    Joe Haug

    Vice President


    years at Graphite

    "We love finding solutions"

    Growing up on a rural farm, Joe always had ample opportunities to work with his hands. And that lead him to a passion of creating and building in the construction industry. After a decade of ironwork, Joe was drawn to an opportunity with Graphite Construction Group. Joe started with Graphite in a hands-on role; but that role has evolved in to support, supervision, and education for Graphite Construction Group employees. Though he now spends more time in the office, Joe still gets to focus on what he enjoys most about the construction industry: finding solutions, finding opportunities, and finding new ways to improve projects and lead a team of experienced and committed project managers. New problems always come Joe’s way, but that just means more opportunities to find a solution.

  • Chayce Coenen

    Chayce Coenen

    Business Development


    years at Graphite

    "It's the People"

    Ask Chayce what he loves the most about his role in business development for Graphite Construction Group? “It’s the People”. Once you connect with Chayce you will instantly know why he feels that way. As Business Development Director at Graphite Construction Group, Chayce’s role is ultimately helping people realize their dreams and visions for their construction project. Getting to work closely with clients of Graphite through every step of the construction process motivates Chayce to exceed their expectations. From the moment you first connect during consultation to long after the project is complete, the relationship remains. 

    We love to build athletic facilities, industrial developments, retail centers, and multi-family...but there's nothing better than building a relationship.

What our customers are saying

  • We were always welcomed on-site to tour the building and actually started shelving library material as the last of the construction work was finished. Any questions about the building, any problems that might have occurred since the building was finished have been dealt with in a...

  • I am delighted to offer this letter of recommendation for Graphite Construction Group. The Norwalk Police Department is extremely delighted with their work.The project was completed on schedule and with no surprises on the cost. Graphite bid our project at considerably less time and money than...

  • Graphite Construction Group was the general contractor selected by the City of Winterset to build our $3M outdoor aquatic center. Construction began in the spring of 2005 and was completed in the spring of 2006. As a result of efforts by Graphite, sub-contractors and consultants, our aquatic...

  • “After these (previous) successful school projects, our own development company has hired Graphite Construction Group to be the general contractor on two large projects. Again, they have been very creative inputting a cost effective construction team together followed by skilled...